From the Tribe of Dan we have a historical lineage traceable to the Assyrian and worship of the Greek god Zeus... (Ancient Greek: "Father of Gods and men")
 And the “Danites” from which the Spartans, a race of giant warriors came which is the Nephilim connection... (race of giants the offspring of fallen angels described in the Bible)
 And later the European “Royalty” connection from which came the Masonic and secret societies from which all global power elite, including most Presidents of the United States who are genetically related to... (Hussein on mother's side: ancestor of the Duchess of Windsor, Father Unknown for now).
 From which came “Mystery Babylon the Harlot” (USA), from which comes the “little horn”, man of lawlessness who is anti-Christ who has hidden his true identity and origin of his "father's) side until a specific time to be revealed in the near future.

NOW, The number “33” enigmatically stretches as a latitude line across many diverse cultures in many different times. Known in numerology as the Master Teacher, 33 is the most influential of all numbers, indicating selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind”, Gary A. David.

One day during a discussion on creationism and the origin of mankind with my father-in-law, a member of the Freemasons, he shared with me a “secrete” belief that Freemason's embraced, that man’s origin is of "alien" descent.

  • FREEMASONS are members of a secret society which developed out of craftsmen associations, originally consisting of masons proper with a connection to ancient civilizations. There have been at least twelve presidents (including George Washington) who were Masons. Prince Hall Freemasonry is a branch of North American Freemasonry for “Negros” founded by Prince Hall on September 29, 1784. Hussein Obama is a 32rd degree “Prince Hall” Free mason!

"33" is an important part of Freemasonry. "33" is a fractal where darkness splits from light and appears as illumines based on the exclusive idea of perceived knowledge. A 33 degree and above Freemason considers themselves as enlightened.

These “enlightened ones” identify together in practice, a strict adherence to “functional principles" that have their earliest connection to a race of “stone building “giants”, whose megalithic structures have been found around the world on every continent often directly adjacent to unearthed skeletal remains of a race of hybrids humans with double rows of teeth and massive varied sized skeletal proportions.

The “protected secrete” of secret societies which include Freemasons 33 degrees and above is the embraced ideology that human beings are the byproduct of alien induction of (non-human) DNA that was introduced into the human genome resulting in an ancient race of engineered hybrid men of super human size, strength and intelligence and who shared alien technologies with mankind as a malevolent father would his own children with the ultimate intended purpose of creating a one world belief system acquiescent to an "alien god" whose father is Lucifer, the benevolent bearer of light and knowledge.

Now Mt. Hermon is a place of extreme spiritual significance. Not only is it the place where the fallen angels landed when they fell, but it is also the place where Jesus Christ made the proclamation that He is the Messiah—right there on Satan’s domain! (Matthew 16:13-20).

Mt. Hermon is located at 33 degrees east of the Paris Zero Meridian (longitude), and 33 degrees north of the Equator (latitude)! The 33rd degree became an important part of Freemasonry, probably due to a history that dates back to the Knights Templar, the French Merovingian Dynasty, and their family ties to the Danites (see our chapter on Dan in Guardians of the Grail).

“Jabal Haramun”; Hebrew: Har Hermon, “Mount Hermon”) is a mountain cluster in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. Its summit straddles the border between Syria and Lebanon[1] and, at 2,814 m (9,232 ft) above sea level, is the highest point in Syria.[2] On the top there is “Hermon Hotel”, in the buffer zone between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory, the highest permanently manned UN position in the world.[3] The southern slopes of Mount Hermon extend to the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights, where the Mount Hermon ski resort is located.[4] A peak in this area rising to 7,336 ft is the highest elevation in Israeli-controlled territory.

By the year 2026, the world will be introduced to Lucifer’s malevolent “son”, the “Son of Perdition” who will rule the world for a diminutive defined period preceding the return of Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

 World leaders will announce that "Hyper Intelligent Alien" biological founders of the human race have provided indisputable evidence that proves that the origin of human development is the product of the ancestral inception of Alien male DNA. The Anti-Christ' father is the devil, he is called the "Son of Perdition", the offspring of "the father of ALL Lies"

Ancient Biblical history records the existence of "other beings" and their presence and sphere of influence throughout history on planet Earth. THE "BIG LIE" is that these entities are not "ALIEN" Hybrids from another planet but rather ANGELS, (fallen angels), who were expelled from the presence of God in ancient times. These creatures disguise themselves at "beings of light". Isaiah 14:12 / Luke 10:18 / Revelation 12:4.

Biblical History records, that in ancient times, these "fallen beings" bred with some human women, creating a race of giants known as Nephilim. Nephilim embodied corrupt DNA and subsequently attempted at various intervals throughout human history, to physically dominate the Earth and its inhabitants. Both the fallen angels and their offspring the Nephilim, have wreaked havoc on earth every since the corruption of Adam. Read more:

Adam's corruption ran deep into his DNA. When Adam yielded himself to the Serpent, (Lucifer / Satan), who is the "commander and chief" of these "beings", the portal of another dimension, (Hell), literally opened onto the Earth and corruption entered into Adam and damaged the precious, Divinely designed and exclusive gift of incorruptible human DNA that held the unique genetic properties, "strands and markers", of life eternal.

Adam's broken relationship with his Creator insured that he, Adam, would not live in his corrupted state of being forever. This is the very reason why corrupt man needed a pure incorruptible God to intervene in this matter and provide a Divine Answer to satisfy the legal requirements rendering the eternal justice of a perfect God that would release man from the corruption of death.

Once the DNA was damaged, Satan gained access through man, to the entire Planet Earth, its world systems and future human race launching the "BIG LIE". Genesis 6:1–6

THE FINAL BIG LIE - It will be announced in the near future that, it was necessary to conceal the true identity of Barrack Hussein Obama's "paternal" father in order to reveal to the world, at an appropriate moment, his true biological connection to ancient alien ancestry. 2 Cor 11:14. (It is the "illusion" of this claim that will make converts accept this final perverted global plot to rule the Earth.)

This announcement may occur sometime as early as the year 2016 and be followed by uncensored information from government sources revealing decades of "eighth kind" encounters and ongoing alien dialog with world leaders confirming this claim. It is at that time, with the assistance of the Pope Francis that he will be received as a god sent to the inhabitants of Earth to save mankind. Note: all prophetic timelines are subject to and defined by Psalm 90:10 extending the years of this final generation to a maximum of 80 years, ending at the end of 2028.

In a final act of defiance against God, a last attempt to circumvent the Will of God and rule over planet Earth and inhabitants is now taking place in our generation.
 The Truth is that God Himself, became flesh, A virgin conceived the Seed of Jehovah and the Divine offspring, Messiah, Jesus The Christ was born to die in our place. The innocent for the guilty, the Lamb of God, slaughtered in the place of man, The Guilt Offering who took away the sins of all men and its sting of the death for all who call upon His Name. John 3:16.

Sunni / Shiites & the Babylonian Connection - Shiite Muslim's believe that a (12th Imam) will arise to save Islam, an “Islamic messiah”. Sunnis' (Sufi Muslims) believe that a Mahdi, an “Islamic messiah” will arise to save Islam and negotiate a 7 year treaty with Israel, confirming a previous treaty that already existence with Egypt. The majority of Muslims are Sunni. The Sunni Mahdi will the same individual identified by scripture of the Bible as the anti-Christ, anti-Messiah, “man of lawlessness” Apolyon the ancient Greek god who will possess final world ruler. The Shiite 12th Imam is NOT the same individual as either Mahdi or anti-Christ.

Understand this. The place of birth of this Messiah HATING final global leader is completely irrlevenant. This individual genetics, (DNA) will link him to Abraham’s illegitimate son Ishmael regardless what nation, country or continent he was born in. His rise to global power is managed “under” the control of the “Whore of Mystery Babylon”, the 7th,and final “independent” entity to dominate global economic policy. What follows IS a “world” empire described in the book of Revelation as the 8th BEAST that covers the earth. The demonically mentored leader of Mystery Babylon will graduate to leadership of a beastly world empire and eventually attempt to rule the world from the City of Jerusalem.

Jesus was “born” of a virgin in the City of Bethlehem, however He was always refered to as “Jesus from the City of Nazareth”. Jesus, "Leaving Nazareth, he came and dwelt in Capernaum, which was by the sea." (Matt. 4:13). Jesus traveled extensively in the regions of Israel fulfilling the prophetic calling of Messiah, yet He always retainined the identity of the name of the City of His home town, “Jesus of Nazareth”. The genetic linage of His mother, Mary fulfilled the critical Divine element of His prophetic fulfillment of Messiah.

The anti-Christ will be born of a whore, a bastard child, his place of birth is unknown, his identity is linked to Islam thou his god is not the god of his fathers but rather the god of war, Daniel-11-38. His rise to leadership of the 8th and final world empire is conceived and “birthed” while he leads the 7th and very last “independent” empire that historically has controlled the political and economic policy of the nations of the earth. He becomes the 8th having been one of the 7th. Revelation 17:10-11.
"Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns. The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction." Revelation 17:3-8.

Vs 11 : 5217 hupago (hoop-ag'-o); from 5259 and 71; to lead (oneself) under, I.e. The word means to withdraw or retire (as if sinking out of sight), literally or figuratively: KJV-- depart, get hence, go (a-) way.
The number of historically recorded WORLD RULING EMPIRES, represented by only a handful of MAJOR governmental powers, whose sphere of authority and military influence literally "CONTROLLED" for a season of time all other known world citizens of its day. To date the exact uncontested number of these ruling empire entities IS 7 (seven), in total:

1 Egypt
2 Assyria
3 Babylon
4 Medo-Persia
5 Greece
6 Rome


THE FINAL CONFLICT" - Islam will soon be reduced to ashes however, it will remain the catalyst of the final conflict of Armageddon is between the two seeds of Abraham, Isaac who is the legitimate son of "covenant solutions" and Ishmael who is the bastard son of "human solutions".

World conflict is reduced to two spiritual origins, whose battling agents are represented by Isaac, whose blood line carried the promise of redemption and Ishmael, his half brother whose embittered personality was tainted by jealousy and envy toward his brother because of their father's decision to send his slave woman and illegitimate son into exile". The seed of hate was plated then and the persona of Evil, (Satan) has manipulated this powerful human emotion to control the seed of Ishmael's to this very day. The perpetual conflict that exist between these two brothers will be ultimately settled by Jesus Messiah the Christ at the time of His soon and imminent return to this planet.

The "DNA" genetic origin of the seed of these two sons, who are indeed the earthly agents of an ancient spiritual battle and will in fact determine the outcome and future of the entire world population. The actions of these two nations, Israel and Islam, will initiate the final resolution of a spiritual conflict that has eternal consequences. This conflict began in Eden with the loss of righteous human earthly dominion, immediately followed by the promise by God to Adam to crush the serpent who seduced Eve and restore to man this God given earthly domain.

This promise became very specific with the institution of a "binding covenant" that God made with Abraham and extended to his seed, ultimately fulfilled in Christ, Messiah who is indeed the manifestation of the impossible birth. He restored absolute dominion on earth to man over the serpent. He kept covenant. His life, His death fulfilled all requirements of the law. His resurrection from the dead is absolute proof that the demand for justice by the eternal universal court of Heaven is forever satisfied. The demand for a perfect man to represent the human race before a perfect God. Is that you? He stands before God as the advocate of man. Stand with him or stand alone. We all will someday. Will you stand alone?

An Islamic Anti-Christ embodies the origin of the seed of the serpent. Ishmael, the son of Abraham's slave woman. Ishmael, the embodiment of a "human solution" to an impossible endeavor. The birth of a nation based on an idea of man.

Jesus Christ is the seed of promise, the blood line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus, the "Divine solution" to an "impossible endeavor". The birth of a nation based on a promise by God. The free son of the Inheritance of God. He is the Solution to impossible circumstance, fulfilled the biblical messianic prophetic requirement of God's lamb of sacrifice.

The coming Mideast peace treaty will be achieved by 2014. The Jewish Temple will be rebuilt by the year 2016 on a "shared" temple mount right next to Dome Mosque. Cataclysmic DESTRUCTION will follow shortly thereafter. Jews in Judea (West Bank); living under Palestine authority, will run for their lives when this treaty falls apart .

Watch for Obama to become integrally involved with directing the details of the Mideast peace treaty from inside the United Nations. Obama will lead the push to drive Israel back to pre-war 1967 borders that include giving up Judea. This is one of TWO major issues that will be resolved in 2012. Some 500,000 Israelis currently living in Judea will be allowed to remain there under the new Palestinian state authority. This arrangement will solve the insurmountable task of relocating 500,000 Jews from the West Bank. This plan WILL succeed, but with grave consequences for Israel.

A second major Mideast issue will be resolved by an Obama "forced" concession demanding that the Temple Mount be "SHARED" by Israel and Islam under the authority of the United Nations. This arrangement will solve the question of who will occupy and govern the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Israel will concede to this arrangement under duress.


Brief History: The Temple Mount has been occupied and controlled by the State of Israel since the 1967 war. Both the State of Israel and the government of Palestine claim ownership of the Temple Mount. Since there are two mosques on the site, The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, both built about 1300 years ago, it is considered the third most holy site by Moslems. The Temple Mount has been managed by a special Islamic council called a Wakf since 1187 and that continues today. Everyone is allowed to go to the Temple Mount regardless of their religion

For security reasons, The Jews will take possession of the entire temple mount, including the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the next mid-east war. United Nations mandates will be imposed under pressure from Islamic nations to immediately relinquish the temple mount sites under Islamic threat of WMD retaliation against Israel. The future world leader of a ten regional global society will successfully negotiate, force and sign a treaty between Israel and Islamic Nations insuring Muslim access to the Mosque of Omar Dome. This treaty will include an agreement to sanction the construction of the third (3rd) and final Hebrew Temple on the temple mount directly next to the Dome of the Rock.

A day that will change everything-The Temple construction will take approximately 1.5 years and will be completed by the end of the year 2015, at which time trained Levitical Priests will attempt to offer the first animal sacrifices since 70AD.

This sacrifice will be halted by a world religious leader, a "false prophet", the man who will occupy the papacy following the Benedictine. This final pope, "Peter the Roman" will speak "words" that manifest fire descending onto the Temple Alter and consume the animal sacrifice that had been prepared for the Jewish Priests on the temple site.

This evil manifestation of fire consuming the animal sacrifice will be declared as a sign from God that peace has come to the world by the hand of god and eliminate the need for future animal sacrifices to take place at the new temple. This so called god is in fact the opposite of everything Holy and Pure, a true bastard of Hell, known biblically as, the "beast" anti-Messiah-Christ, the son of perdition a hater of the Jews. Daniel 9:27

The Jews will revolt, and declare that they have been betrayed, defrauded and deceived by this "politician". The Jews will suffer incredible persecution, far greater than the Holocaust of WWII. This is the time of Jacob's trouble in apocalyptic proportion.

A successful assassination against this human "god of Hell" will fail, the wound will be fatal, however he will completely recover, convincing the world that he indeed must be god.

Seem crazy? ... On a lesser but remarkable similar scale, assassination attempts on Hitler took place 42 times. Including suicide bombers, shooting him, blowing him up, crashing his plane with failed attempts proclaimed as evidence of Divine providence and intervention.

This great deception will initiate a globally, enforced allegiance to this individual and require the reverence and worship of this Bastard of Hell in order to belong to this new "global society". Belonging to this new world order guarantees that you can continue to work, buy and sell, (live). These new world order mandates enforced by a global constitution will eventually result in a worldwide rebellion against him and will end badly for him, his armies, Peter the Roman, Satan and all who follow them.

Messiah, Jesus, The Christ will return to earth descending onto the Mount of Olives splitting the mountain in half when His feet touch the mountain. Jesus Christ will immediately defeat the beast his armies and the apostate world religion casting all followers of this evil global system them into the lake of fire. Jesus Christ will sit on the throne in Jerusalem and reign from Jerusalem for 1000 years. Believers in Messiah will reign with Him. Zechariah 14:3-4.

It is noteworthy that ISLAM is represented by "pale green", this is the color of Islam.
Note that Islam has been aggressively engaged in increasing "global" terror by its' (SWORD). Islam is exponentially gaining a presence as "it" murders and slaughters humanity on most every continent of the world. In fact, the pale green horse of ISLAM has gained the "POWER" of "TERROR" over 1/4 of the (EARTH). "THIS IS THAT".

1/4 of the "earth" is held captive by Islam since 911 and the subsequent "Arab spring"!! THIS IS PROPHETIC COMPLETION and fulfillment of scripture that has occurred under the purposefully orchestration authority and leadership of Barrack Hussein Obama. Islam has indeed gained been "given power over a fourth of the EARTH"..
It is also critical to understand that this Islamic terror had its' SEED in the first and "illegitimate" son of Abraham, who is of Adam who fell and by faith of the "second Adam", that is Christ, Jesus, who redeemed.1 Cor 15:45. THIS HORSE HAS BEEN "OUT OF THE BARN" SINCE THE FALL OF MAN IN THE GARDEN of EDEN.
In fact, through the ages, the "people" of Islam who became the followers of Mohammed have a consistent history of TERROR against Messiah, evident by its' ancient documented history with Israel dated back to ancient times.
In other words, this pale green "horse of a "different color" and its' "rider" has ALWAYS been adversely engaged in murder and plague. THE "horsemen" of revelation have consistently ruled mankind by the nature of the spirit of anti-Christ, manifesting varied degrees of the Revelation description of these horses of the first five seals.

It is noteworthy that the FINAL manifestation of this spirit of anti-Christ that Paul speaks of will be collectively gathered together into one persona, an individual, (rider) who is THE anti-Christ, son of perdition) and who has ridden ALL FOUR HORSES!

These horses represent, among other manifestations, the four major world political entities that have ruled mankind at any given moment in human history). Capitalism, socialism, Islam, totalitarian dictatorship.

The totalitarian dictatorships IS the final manifestation of the "white" horse that is the BEAST, a form of capitalism, socialism, Islam, ALL three horses wrapped up into the identity of the "WHITE HORSE. That consumes or gathers together all human political ideals under a final Gentile whole world empire.
Note: Dictatorships govern without consent of the people and in totalitarian dictatorships the power to govern extends to ALL aspects of life. Dictatorship, totalitarianism these entities have manifested in one form or another throughout human history.


GLOBAL LEADERS CLAIM TO DIVINE RIGHT.The so called Divine right’ is simply the right to rule by DNA. We have a head of state in Britain to this day who is only there because of her DNA and the whole freeloading hierarchy of the royal family is structured according to a person’s DNA relationship to the king or queen …what is royal rule by DNA if not outrageous racial and genetic elitism?

This ‘Divine’ right to rule has nothing to do with the ‘Divine’ and everything to do with the real origin of these bloodlines.

They claim to descend from the ‘gods’ of the ancient world and who or what these ‘gods’ were and are, I will explain in detail later. The ‘royal’ families have interbred incessantly with each other since ancient times because they are seeking to retain the DNA corruption that can apparently be quickly diluted by breeding outside of itself.

How interesting that the families of the Illuminati and the power elite do the same to this day. Why? They are of the same bloodlines.

The royal ‘Divine’ bloodlines of ancient Sumer and Babylon (now Iraq), Egypt, the Indus Valley and elsewhere expanded into Europe to become the royal and aristocratic families that ruled that continent and most of the world through the British Empire and those of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and so on.

As the people began to challenge and reject the open dictatorship of royal rule the bloodlines began to move ‘underground’ by operating among the population in all the areas that control modern society …

You will find a similar story all over the world. Credo Mutwa, the official historian of the Zulu nation, told me how so many black African leaders that were placed in power after the colonial masters gave the continent ‘independence’, came from the bloodlines of African kings and queens who claimed to descend from the same ‘gods’ as their white counterparts.”David Icke, “Tales from the Time Loop”

None of this line have links to Egypt, The Roman Empire, or Babylonian kings.

The oldest are linked to Germanic warlords in the fall of the Roman Empire. With one notably being descended from a Germanic senator of Rome.

Roman’s claimed the Merovingians had ancestry from Troy, as so did their claim for Julius Caesar, but in the Merovingian case obviously that was made up ancestry, which they often did for their rivals and notable people.

ENTER BARRY SOETORO, (ALIES BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA).This genealogical list shows a descent from Antiochus I Soter (Savior)to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.:

--Seleucus Nicator I--Antiochus Soter I (soter-"Savior")

+ Stratonice Antigonid--Antichus Theos II, King of SYRIA


+ Queen Laodice II--Princess Laodice of Syria ---& (brother)-ANTIOCHUS Megas III, the great, K of Syria

+ Heliucles of Bactria

+Laodice III--King Eucratides I of Bactria --ANTIOCHUS IV Epiphanes, King of Syria--King Heliucles I of Bactria

+Laodice IV of Syria (his sister)--King Heliucles II of Bactria --Laodice V of Syria--King Antialcidas " "

+King Mitheredates III, Ponus IV, the great--King Amynfas of Peshwar --Laodice III Mitheredates--King Hermaeus " "

+Antiochus III--Princes of Peshwar --King Mitheredates VI

+King Kuyula Kadphises of the Kushans--King Venia Kadphises II of the Kushans--King Kanishka I of the Kushans--King Hvishka I of the Kushans--King Vasudeva of the Kushans (ruled 125-175)--King Kanishka III of the Kushans--King Vasudeva II of the Kushans--King Vasudeva III of the Kushans--King Vasudeva of Seistan (Kabul) Afganistan--Princess IIfra Hormizd III of Kabul, Afganistan

+ EMPEROR of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Shapur II of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Shapur III of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Shapur III of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Yezdigerd II of Sasania PERSIA

+Shusandukhi (of Jewish Exile)--Emperor Vacahan (Bahram) Susania PERSIA--Emperor Yezdigerd III of Sasanian PERSIA

+Dinak--Emperor Peroz (Firaz) of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Kawadh I of Sasanian PERSIA

+Khushnewoz--Emperor Chrosroel of Sasanian PERSIA

+ Princess of Turkey--Emperor Hormazd IV of Sasanian PERSIA

+the daughter of Princes Khirad--Emperor Chosroe Pavez II of Sasanian PERSIA

+Princess Sirian of the Ephtalites--Prince Shakryar of Sasanian PERSIA--Emperor Yazdigird of Sasanian PERSIA died abt 651

+Priness Manya of Byzantine--Priness Izdundad

+Bustanaiben Haninai (exile of the Jews)--Princess Hizdai Sharijar--Natronai ben Nehemiah (of Jewish exile)

+daughter of Princess Hizdai--Habibai (of Jewish exile)--Natronai Al-Makir (a Duke) born 730

+Alda (or Hilda) Pricess of the Franks--Saint Ida Raedburh (born 788)

+ King Egbert of England--King Aethelwulf of England


+Alswitha--Aelthryth of Wessex

+ Baldwin II--Arnold I

+ Alix De Vermandois--Balswin III (911-961)

+ Matilda--Arnold II "the young"

+ Lady Susanne (Rosella)--Baldwin IV "The Bearded"

+Olgiva of Luxembourg--COUNT Baldwin V of Flanders

+ Princess Adela of France--Countess Matilda of Flanders

+KING William the Conqueror--King Henry I Beauclerc Plantagenet of England

+ Matilda Nesta--Empress Matilda--COUNT Geoffrey Plantagenet V

+ a concubine Adelaide--Hameline Plantegenet + Esabel De Warrenne--Isabel Plantagenet

+ Roger Bigod--Mary Bigod

+ Ranulf Fitz Robert--Ranulf Fitz Ranulf--Fitz Ralph Ranulf--John Fitz Randolph born abt 1325--Randulf Fitz John (1345-1388)--John Fitz Randolph (1374-1405)--Ralph Fitz John (1398- )--John Fitz Randolph (1480-1524)

+ Joan--Christopher Fitz Randolph (1495-1554)

+ Jane Langston--Christopher Fitz Randolph (1530-1588)

+ Ann Wood--Edward Fitz Randolph

+ Frances Howes--Edward Fitz Randolph

+ Elizabeth Blossom--Nathaniel Fitz Randolph--Samuel Fitz Randolph--Prudence Fitz Randolph

+ Shubail Smith--Mary Smith

+ Jonathan Dunham--Samuel Dunham--Jacob Dunham

+ Mary Ann Kearney--Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (1894-1970)

+ Ruth Lucille Armour--Stanley Dunham (1918-1992)

+ Madelyn D. Payne (1922-2008)--Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995)

+ Barack Hussein Obama Sr. of Kenya (Luo tribe)--BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, Jr. born 1961

+ Michelle A DESCENDENT of The Selucid Dynasty/Persian Royalty/Syrian Royalty.A FIRST COUSIN about 69 times removed of ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES IV. NOTES:

#1. The KUSHAN empire formed in the first century AD in the territories of ANCIENT Bactria in what is NOW northern Afghanistan & southern Tajikistan & Uzbekistan. It spread into parts of China.

#2. The SASANIAN Persians were the last of the ANCIENT PERSIAN dynast- ies.

#3. The connections are all there on this genealogical report of Dr. Richard L. Wills. (not a recognized genealogist, but done with extreme dedication & research)....... Graeco-Roman/Selucid/Persian/Afganistan/ Jewish///////////Prophet Muhammad of Islam/ relationship to Antiochus Epihanes IV/////// Syrian/Persian/Greek/Rome/Arab/Jewish and TRIBE of DAN connections. A Root of Descendants of Muslim Prophet Muhammad (570-632)to> Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. : --Muhammad

+ Khadijah (ISLAMIC PROPHET)--Fatimah of Islam

 + Ali ben Abu Talih of Islam--al-Hasan of Islam (620- )

+Zhidah Kindaria of Islam--Husain of Islam (669- )--Zorha of Islam

+ Ahu Farisi of Islam--Na'im al-Lakhnd of Islam--Na'im al-Lakhund of Islam--Itaf of Islam--Amr of Islam--Aslah of Islam--Amr of Islam--Ahbad of Islam--Qarais of Islam--Ismail, the Imam of Seville IMAM--Kadi Abul-Kasim, Muhammad I, King of Seville (died 1042)--King Abu Amr Abbad ben Muhammad Aimutaoped (died 1068)--King Abul Kasim, Muhammad III, of Seville (1015-1095)

+I'Tamsd of Seville--Princess Zaida (Isabelle) (1071-1103)

+ King Alfonso "The Valiant" (1030-1109)--Princess Theresa of Castille (1070-1130)

+ Henry Capet of Burgundy, Count of Portugal--King Alfonso Henriquez I of Portugal (1109-1185)--Princess Uracca (1151- )

+ King Ferdinand II of Leon & Galicia(1145-1176)--King Alfonso IX of Leon & Galicia (1171-1230)

+ Berenguela of Castille--Berenguela of Leon + King Ferdinand III of Castille (1201-1252)--Eleanor of Castile (1235-1290)

+ King Edward "Longshanks" Plantagenet I (1239-1307)--King Edward Plantagenet II (1284-1327)

+ Princess Isabella "The Fair" of France--King Edward Plantagenet III (1312-1377)

+ Queen Phillipa Hainault (1314-1369)--Prince John of Gaunt Plantagenet (1340-1398/98)

+ Catherine Roet (1350-1403)--Joan Plantagenet de Beaufort (1374-1440)

+ Ralph De Neville-- Sir Edward De Neville

+ Elizabeth Beachamp (1415-1458)--Sir George Neville (1440-1492)

+ Margaret Fenne-- Sir Edward Neville

+ Eleanor Windsor--Frances Neville (1519-1599)

+ Sir Edward Waldegrave--Nicholas Waldegrave

+ Catherine Brown--Frances Waldegrave

+ Richard Weston (1577-1645) EARL of Portland--Lady Catherine Weston (1607-1645)

+ Richard Whyte --Frances Whyte

+ Richard Wells--Mary Wells

+ Thomas Stockett--Frances Stockett

+ MAREEN DUVALL "The Elder (1661-1735)--Mareen Duvall (1680- )--Jacob Duvall (1715-1800)

+ Elizabeth Jacob--John Duvall (1745-1787)

+ Mary Browne--Gabriel Duvall (1786-1827)--Louisiana Duvall (1823-1855)

+ George Washington Overall (1820-1871)--Susan Overall (1849-1928)

+ Christopher Clark--Gabriella Clark (1877-1966)

+ Harry Armour--Ruth Lucille Armour (1900-1926)

+ Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (1894-1970)--Stanley Dunham (1918-1992)…/…………/ejud_0002_0007_0_0677…