"We need a "NEW North American Passportt" ...

Daniel Kurtz-Phelan is an Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fellow at New America and a former adviser on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's policy planning staff. This is the fourth in a series, "Big Ideas for a New America,"

Hussein's purge of over 200 American Senior Military Command from the United States Military, replaced by officers sympathetic to Islamic caliphate who are currently commanding the armed forces and have been strategically placed into position in preparation for a Hussein politically orchestrated Islamic military Coup d'état from "within". In addition, Hussein has saturated his administration with "Brotherhood" advisers to insure that the Islamic nations around the world are regularly briefed as to the progress of his caliphate co-operation.

Whether Hussein succeeds with bringing the United States under the authority of sharia Rule, the United States of America will itself CEASE to function as an "independent constitutional government" and become 1/3 of a new "NORTH AMERICA" identity consisting of Mexico, Canada and the former U.S., by 2018.

The Club of Rome 10 region new world order will be reality by the year 2018. The United States, Canada and Mexico will become Region # 1, Club of Rome, These TEN (10) GLOBAL REGIONS consisting of nations distributed like booty by global powers will form the essence of the BEAST of revelation, the 10 horns of Daniel 2:44.

Daniel Kurtz-Phelan states that "the future of the United States lies in North America. This is not a geographic truism, but a strategic imperative. Generations of Americans, distracted by far-flung crises, have long taken our own region for granted. This must change if the 21st century is to be an American century.

The United States, Canada and Mexico are bound by a shared economic, environmental, demographic and cultural destiny. How we move forward together is key to our success. In recognition of our shared destiny, the three countries should create a North American passport that would, over time, allow their citizens to travel, work, invest, learn and innovate anywhere in North America. Work, tourist and student visas are necessities in the modern world to regulate the flow of people between sovereign states.

In the North American context, much like within the European Union, our economies and societies are far more integrated than our immigration system recognizes -- and a North American passport, much like the EU passport, would align our laws with reality. Such a move would provide a dramatic break from Washington's historical negligence of its "near abroad," which stems from a rare luxury.

In contrast to other major continental powers through the centuries, the United States has not had to worry much about its neighbors and devote the bulk of its military resources to protecting its borders. With no real threat next door, the United States has felt free to roam elsewhere in the world, as unconstrained and secure as if we were an island nation.

Meanwhile, our neighbors bolster our prosperity. Mexico and Canada are now the top two export markets for the United States, and two of our top three trading partners overall. Trade has exploded in the two decades since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which has created an integrated manufacturing platform and labor market".

1 The antichrist will be a man - Daniel 7:24-25

2. He will confirm a covenant for 7 years - Daniel 9:27 This does not mean that he creates this covenant. The word here for "confirm" is 1396 gabar (gaw-bar'); a primitive root; to be strong; by implication, to prevail, act insolently: KJV-- exceed, confirm, be great, be mighty, prevail, put to more [strength], strengthen, be stronger, be valiant. The antichrist will strengthen a covenant for a 7 year time span.

3 He will rise among 10 kings - Daniel 7:8 This 10 empire union will be ten world regions already divided up by the Club of Rome - Daniel 2:44

4 He will uproot 3 kings from the original 10 empires to gain political power, (the United States is one of these kings)- Daniel 7:8

5. His 10 empire union will merge into a world government which he will dominate all global politics- Revelation 13:1-2 A union that will definitely rule the world, with the "seat" of power controlled by those who control the money.

6. He will ascend to power on a platform of peace. By peace, he will destroy many - Daniel 8:25

7 He will be promoted and exalted by a miracle working religious partner (false prophet) - Revelation 13:11-12

1 Egypt
2 Assyria
3 Babylon
4 Medo-Persia
5 Greece
6 Rome

THE 8th and FINAL EMPIRE RISES OUT OF 7th and IS A GLOBAL SOCIETY- (BEAST) of Revelation. It is during his reign over the 7th Empire that the "10 horns" of the final beastly global empire system is consolidated.

He, the "man of lawlessness" who was, and is not, and yet is back in power - Revelation 17:8. The antichrist will have ruled, but then be taken out of power. Only to rise back up again to power as the head of the One World Government.

After leaving the Presidency of the United States of America, Hussein Obama will rise to political power as leader of the new world order. The world government over which he rules is also represented by the four horses of the apocalypse described in the book of Revelation, four powers that represent the major powers that rule the world.

Red, (communism / socialism), black (capitalism), and pale green (Islam), colors that are universally accepted as representing ALL current forms of major world governments in power today; with the finale horse color of white representing the new world order global government the Bible refers to as the (BEAST) - Revelation 17:14.

It does not make logical sense for men to pursue absolute power to control the lives of others at the cost of losing their own eternal soul, knowing that the human life span is relatively short, certainly, man must know, that no matter how powerful he becomes, his life will end. So what does he gain?

I have concluded that the unbelievable changes that are taking place here in the United States and around the world make no "human" sense and can only be understood when one uses "spiritual" sense. Every human being on this planet, Christian or pagan, believer or non-believer are literally surrounded by eternal spiritual entities that are actively engaged in influencing human behavior. Every day of a person's life, consciously or not, co-operatively or not, people move through time and space on this planet guided by unseen spiritual forces.

All human activity is influenced by a spiritual world. Men pursue and accomplish daily earthly feats with or without an awareness of, but always effected by these spiritual influences. The Human species is free to make choices and would like to claim ourselves to be "independent thinkers". God knows our every thought however; our thoughts become transparent through our words and deed and are witnessed by "other" spiritual forces that influence outcomes so in fact no person acts as independent agents. We either consciously or subconsciously serve God or serve Satan.

THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET understood by certain elite world powers is that God and Satan do in fact exist. These elite individuals make global decisions based on compliance with an allegiance to Hell. These global leaders rely upon the ignorance of the masses regarding God and “other” spiritual entities and use society's vague understanding of "God" to their own advantage. These elite leaders know that most people are easy prey, having no consistent moral compass to guide them are easy to manipulate and will embrace global change regardless of its real consequences, as long as the change include promises to correct social injustices and financially benefit their personal lives.

This is exactly how Hitler was embraced by the masses and rose to power. Today this same socialistic and fascist mentality is succeeding and is currently being implemented and will soon dominate a global society.

Most people live their lives with a limited acknowledgement or awareness of the influence of the spiritual world on their lives. People who live in this ignorant condition are indeed a danger to themselves, their immediate sphere of family, friends and associates and have a very real daily impact in the outcome of good or evil in their personal world. These individuals basically move aimlessly through life experiencing a "hit and miss" existence with little impact on the world at large. All men suffer from this condition at one time or another.

A greater global impact of human consequence is more evident by the lives of those who are indeed aware of these spiritual entities and actively pursue an earthly agenda with a conscious desire to be guided by a spiritual influence. The essence of understanding how good and evil exists to influence this world requires comprehending how men with "intent" make choices to aggressively work to complete an agenda of good or evil based on the agenda of whom they consider to be their master. These individuals understand their mortality and consider themselves as agents of the greater spiritual authority. Christians who live to serve God, who listen to and obey the Word of God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, fulfill earthly endeavors that have Kingdom of God eternal significance and consequences. Pagans who consciously serve their god do so with the expectation of someday ruling with their master and know exactly who they serve. Pagans live in a world where black is white, good is evil, wrong is right. This should not make sense to the human mind and is only comprehended through a serious study of God's Word that reveals just how a pagan is deeply affected by darkness and evil.

The fact is that there are powerful persons of global prominence, both in the private and public sector who have willingly surrendered their human mind and soul to the Entity of Evil. These people believe evil is good and vigorously work to promote a global society where the inhabitants of the earth will be numbered and monitored to insure compliance with accountability to a man, the Abomination of Desolation and his evil short lived empire. This is the reason why individual constitutional rights must be forfeited and subjugated to a new world order. There will be no so called "rouge" nations of non-compliance that will be allowed to exist whose constitution is in opposition to global socialism. Satan's motivation to dominate human life is rooted in the origin of the serpent's act in the Garden of Eden. This fallen angel has never discarded his ambition to control the creation of God. Satan's hatred for God and man is at the core of this ongoing spiritual battle. Only Jesus Christ Himself will put an end to this final devilish ambition at His soon return will He will cast Satan and his followers into the lake of fire, located at the center of this earth, and establish His Merciful and loving government here on earth where His people will reign with Him.

A report recently published by the U.S. National Intelligence Council in conjunction with the European Union Institute for Securities Studies, titled “Global Governance” 2025. The truth is that this transition to a global government will take place much sooner! This will be brought about by global chaos caused by both natural and manmade catastrophic events.

A small group of elite world leaders will use this opportunity to announce to the citizens of the earth", that no single government can adequately respond to the cataclysmic events taking place on the earth. Each country will forfeit its national sovereignty and accept this reasoning, (lie), and ultimately not protest after the final decision to implement this devilish system.

The United States will have already surrendered sovereignty to the "North American Union" consisting of Mexico, Canada and the US, an entity that will be one of the final "ten horns" of Bible prophecy. These ten world regions will give over complete control to a "little horn", the anti-Christ who will be the supreme ruler of this final global empire.