Messiah, Yeshua, CHRIST the HEALER ... May His Healing Virtue touch your life. Understanding His Virtue.

We pray for MERCY, HEALTH, QUALITY of life, longevity, wisdom, understanding, knowledge and favor for all those who interact with you.
We also ask for a better UNDERSTANDING of His healing Virtue, (Moral excellence, righteousness, goodness, the attributes of YHWH, (the Almighty God).

Since Yeshua, (Jesus) was sacrificed, (KILLED) in In the year 32 AD, at the Jewish festival of Passover, The LITERAL "EXCHANGE" of INNOCENCE for the GUILTY... the HEBREW Abrahamic promised Messiah, the "LAMB of YHWH", His beatings, torture, (STRIPES) and crucificition paid for all sin and the consequences of sin including physical healing, (Isaiah 53 / I Peter 2:23-25).

There was a WOMAN, whose DAUGHTER was in GREAT NEED of HEALING. When she approached Jesus, He told her that HIS BREAD was NOT FOR DOGS" ... can you believe He said that to a human being whose daughter was suffering and in tremendous need, who actually came to Him for help? Matthew 15-17.

This GENTILE woman knew she and her daughter did NOT "qualify" to be INCLUSIVE at that time in history, in the promises of the Covenant of the Jew, yet, SHE WAS COMPLETELY CONVINCED that she understood the Virtue of Yeshua and that He would heal her daughter.

THIS WOMAN UNDERSTOOD SOMETHING about (the Almighty God), that the original men of the Covenant, the Jews, did NOT understand. Even today, many of the New Covenant, Christians, attempt to exercise faith, without a better understanding of WHAT THIS WOMAN knew about the "Virtue" of YHWH.

What was the UNDERSTANDING that this Gentile woman had, that caused Yeshua to publicly commend her FAITH. Remember, her FAITH in Yeshua was based on a profound understanding of His LIMITLESS Virtue, and knowing that He has NO limitations in all of creation. This understanding removed any reservations that most would have, who ASK, God anything with absolute EXPECTATION.

Her understanding is what RELEASED His Virtue to physically manifest healing for her daughter and caused Yeshua to commend her faith, a faith that was based on KNOWING that He IS Virtue without limit.

She did not have a "vague" idea of her expectation of desire and need. She knew exactly what she desired and needed and BASED her request, (prayer) on her incredible understanding of Yeshua, GOD's Virtue. She knew something about Yeshua that most did not comprehend at the time. THERE IS NO PART of Him THAT CAN FAIL.

Regardless of SIZE of the NEED, She understood that, even, for lack of a better term, the "smallest" portions, from the TABLE THAT YHWH sets, are GREATER by far, than the MOST MASSIVE CHALLENGE and CIRCUMSTANCEs that any man will ever face. She UNDERSTOOD that ANY release of ANY PORTION of HIS healing VIRTUE, even the "LEFTOVERS", far EXCEEDED the hideous "CONDITION" of her daughter.

This is what this Gentile woman understood, this is the revelation about God that she had and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in His release of Virtue into the midst of human circumstance to manifest ANY form of Salvation.

Do you remember the woman with the "issue of blood for 12 years? When she brushed against him in a crowd of people, Jesus said, "Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that VIRTUE is gone out of me. And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately. Luke 8:46

LISTEN. Real faith requires a BETTER "UNDERSTANDING", of the Virtue of YHWH, (The Almighty God), the Creator. Our understanding of the Lord's reason for His "commendation" of this woman, will encourage our expectations in prayer and help us prevent a "misplaced" exercise of our faith "without results".

Most of us would have been INSULTED by the Words that Jesus said to her, however, rather than be insulted, her PERCEPTION of God's VIRTUE was ASTOUNDING.

SHE SOMEHOW knew that the "RELEASE" of His Merciful HEALING, Love and Virtue, EXCEEDED what most men comprehend.

BECAUSE She understood there are NO limits to His Virtue, She knew that (HEALING) is available for ALL who understood what she understood.

Confronted with the Words of Yeshua's reference to 'DOGS' when responding to her request for help, she was NOT self-deprecating, or presenting herself with some form of false humility, but rather, SHE FOCUSED on HIM, THE BREADTH of HIS VIRTUE, LOVE, His NATURE, MERCY, HEALING AUTHORITY.

Yeshua, our God, HEALED a Canaanite, (GENTILE) woman's daughter BECAUSE she understood that even "LEFTOVERS", "crumbs from the Table of YHWH, (God), IS MORE than sufficient to completely HEAL & SAVE anyone who "UNDERSTANDS", from absolute evil, peril, destruction, sickness.

THAT was the REVELATION that YESHUA COMMENDED her on. NOT that she perceived herself as a "DOG", or "lowly" or "undervalued", but rather, the exact opposite, she KNEW that ONLY PERFECTION, WHOLENESS comes forth from HIM.

As a GENTILE, the woman knew she and her daughter did NOT "qualify" to be INCLUSIVE in the promises of Covenant people, (Jews), yet, SHE WAS COMPLETELY CONVINCED and understood that even tiny morsels that fall FROM the TABLE of God WILL accomplish the SAME results for her Gentile daughter, that FULL SERVINGS that were prepared for the Covenant people would do.

THAT IN AND OF ITSELF IS GREAT FAITH ... GREAT UNDERSTANDING of WHO YHWH IS AND HOW IS DOES THINGS! She understood in her heart and was capable of embracing Him as El Shaddai, even outside of the "Covenant".

The ALMIGHTY Whose "PORTIONs" LACK NO VIRTUE. HIS PORTIONS are ALWAYS More than what is REQUIRED"... MORE THAN ENOUGH. ALWAYS ABSOLUTE to PERFECTION. (El Shaddai) "The Almighty, all-sufficient, or the God Who is More Than Enough "one who nourish, supplies and fulfils'', "Walk Before Me" (paniym) means "walk in My presence". Genesis 17:1.

She had a great understanding of how God Works with men. She was not offended by the lowly "dog" reference that Jesus used with her, but rather she knew that her daughter's miracle was WHAT HE DOES.

YESHUA commended her FAITH as GREAT, the GREATEST because she had understanding. This understanding focused on HIM and NOT on any form of "ENTITLEMENT". WOW!!

She knew that the TINIEST RELEASE of His Virtue IS more than enough to MAKE BETTER & WHOLE, the MOST DIFFICULT and otherwise IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES, PERIOD!! She did NOT doubt this understanding that she possessed at all! GREAT FAITH KNOWS THERE IS NO WEAKNESS or LACK in WHAT HE DOES.


"But Jesus replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs. “Yes, Lord,” she said, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” O woman,” Jesus answered, “your faith is great! Let it be done for you as you desire. And her daughter was healed from that very hour".… Matthew 15-17.

AND, remember the GENTILE (Roman) centurion, who understood he was not entitled under the covenant of the Jew, but understood where the "authority" to "execute" the covenant comes from, the, "SPOKEN WORD". Jesus also commended him, "I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel, go your way, your servant is healed.

The centurion also understood the VIRTUE of Christ and HOW it "goes forth" and HEALS. he understood that Jesus did NOT need to "PHYSICALLY" go with him back to his servant in order for His VIRTUE to manifest in his servants' body. He understood that the WORD goes forth as a COMMAND and is carried out. Matthew 8:5-13